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Liquids / Orals




Brolayton Vitamin AD3 EC oral liquid


B tonic B-complex vitamins


E With Se Vitamin E, Selenium & Herbs


Cal P Oral Calcium, Vitamin D3 & B12


Goutox Controls gout problems


Feed Supplements


Coccinel Diclazuril-Coccidiocidal for prevention


Adsorbyl Multitoxins Binder


Tracemil All Essential trace minerals


Flydrit Cyromazine-for fly control


Fytate Phytase (Single & Double strength)


Enzymex Enzymes, Probiotics & Yeast


Acido Fast


Choline Forte

Methionine +  

Broicon SB Broiler Concentrates 7.5% and 10%


Other Products



Download Broucher  
Govardhan Milking Machine  
Govardhan Fooder Machine    
Silage Culture  

Probiotic Products


Herbal Products

Mycoplasmin Forte  
Livor T +  




Adsorbyl  Multitoxins binder

Composition :
Hydrated Sodium Calcium Alumino Sillicate
(Chlorite / lllite)
Activated Charcoal
Fungal inhibitors

Indications :
Selectively adsorbs and immobilizes the mycotoxins. Has high affinity for aflatoxins and drastically reduces bio-availability of mycotoxins absorbs excess moisture in feed and acts as an anti-caking agent. High capacity  for binding aflatoxins and rapidly forms a stable chemisorptions complex.

Dosage : 1 kg / MT of feed or depending on Moisture Content of feed.

Presentation : 25 kg.

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