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Liquids / Orals




Brolayton Vitamin AD3 EC oral liquid


B tonic B-complex vitamins


E With Se Vitamin E, Selenium & Herbs


Cal P Oral Calcium, Vitamin D3 & B12


Goutox Controls gout problems


Feed Supplements


Coccinel Diclazuril-Coccidiocidal for prevention


Adsorbyl Multitoxins Binder


Tracemil All Essential trace minerals


Flydrit Cyromazine-for fly control


Fytate Phytase (Single & Double strength)


Enzymex Enzymes, Probiotics & Yeast


Acido Fast


Choline Forte

Methionine +  

Broicon SB Broiler Concentrates 7.5% and 10%


Other Products



Download Broucher  
Govardhan Milking Machine  
Govardhan Fooder Machine    
Silage Culture  

Probiotic Products


Herbal Products

Mycoplasmin Forte  
Livor T +  




E With Se   Vitamin E, Selenium & Herbs

Composition :

I. Water Soluble:  
Each 200 gms contains  
Vitamin E 20.00 gms
Selenium 200.00 mg
Herbs q.s

Indications : Significantly influence carbohydrate metabolism, fatty acid synthesis, protein syntheses, amino acid deamination, purines synthesis and nucleic acid metabolism. Improved  antibody titre and enhanced immune status. Improved fertility and hatchability in parent flocks. Improved muscle tonne and in problems of leg weakness. Enhanced immune response. As an aid to help in cases of Encephalomalacia and Exudative diathesis in Poultry.


Dosage :
Broilers / Layers: 200 gm / tonne of feed.
Chicks / Growers / Breeders & Layers 5gms / 200 birds.

Breeders :
500gm to 1kg/tonne of feed.

Broilers :
5 gm / 50 birds.

Presentation :
200 gm / 1kg.

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